Frequently asked questions by Students What does YPTS do?
We specialise in providing the service of referring a suitable piano teacher based on your requirement and location with our network of piano teachers.

How long does it take to get a suitable teacher?
We usually take 3 business days get back to you. It depends on the compatibility of your preferred day and timing with teacher as well as other requirements. Should it require more time to liaise with teachers or search for other teachers, it may take longer. However, you could usually start the first lesson usually within a week or 2.

Fees & Payment Is there any fee for the referral?
There is NO referral fee to the student. Upon commencement of piano lessons, we will charge the piano teacher a one-time referral fee. This referral fee is equivalent to half of the first month's piano lesson fee.

How do I pay the piano teacher?
The referral fee will be collected from the student and deducted from the teacher’s first month's tuition earnings. So, at the end of the first month, only half of the piano lesson fee is due to the piano teacher. After the first month, the student or parent will pay the piano tuition fees directly to the teacher.For example, if the monthly fees of 4 lessons is $150, the student is to pay $75 upon commencement of lesson to YPTS and $75 on the last lesson of the month (4th lesson) to the piano teacher.

What is the rate of the teachers?
Beginner rates are usually from $120 to $150, there are teachers who charge more than this range and teachers who charge less than this range. It usually depends on the teacher’s qualification and experience.

Is there any increment when I advance in grade and standard?
For most teachers, for lower grades, with every advancement in grade, it is usually $10 increase. For higher grades, with every advancement in grade, it is usually $20 increase. It depends on the teachers' rate structure. So teachers charge a flat ratefor a range of grades.

How do teachers charge for adults who do not sit for piano exam?
For some teachers, they base on the proficiency of the student to play the standard pieces of the graded exams. When the student is deemed to be able to pass the grade, the student can be ‘advanced’. With practice, it could be advancement of a grade each year. Some teachers charge a standard flat rate for students who learn for leisure.

Are rates higher for lessons at student's home?
Generally, piano lessons at home in Singapore is quite affordable and feasible. If For lessons at home, there is usually a fixed transport charge, it ranges for different teachers and depends on accessibility and distance. Some teachers with us charge around $20/month for transport.

Piano Teachers

Do you know the teachers you refer?
We try as much as possible to refer teachers we have worked with for a while, since we get feedback from students and are comfortable and confident with them. But sometimes due to location and incompatible schedule, we have to refer teachers we have to refer new teachers. However, we screen through our teachers based on several factors and our experience with them.

How do I know that the teacher is qualified?
The requirement for our teachers is to have a minimum certification of Grade 8 by ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall. Many have relevant music diplomas & degrees. However, parents could request teachers to bring the certifications on the first lessons to verfify or get us to email the soft copies before the start of the lessons. What if I want to change a teacher?
It is recommended that student stay with the teacher for at least a month to allow some time for teacher to understand the student’s learning style and for adjustment to understand the teacher’s teaching style and method. If it is within the first month of engagement of the teacher and student would like to change the teacher, we could offer a change in teacher for 1 time without charge. The teacher or parent have to pay whatever is due to the piano teacher for the delivered lessons and the piano teacher may not be charged the referral fee. Upon the replacement of a new piano teacher, the new teacher will be charged the referral fee as per normal.

Do the teachers do make up lessons?
Most teachers are flexible and understanding and try as much as possible to do make up lessons, subject to availability of timing & slots.

How early in advance should I let my piano teacher know in case I need to miss a lesson?
Generally, if you have an emergency or student has impromptu school curriculum, please inform teacher a day in advance, especially when the teacher has to travel to your place. In case of MC, please notify teacher as early as you can so that teacher do not make a wasted trip. You can discuss on teacher's policy on first lesson again to affirm. If a teacher has special policies, we will as much as possible, let the students know before commencement of lessons.

Other General Questions

Do you have music schools?
No, but we have affiliate programmes with a few schools in Orchard, Upper Bukit Timah, Chinatown & Jurong East.

Do the piano teachers prepare my child for exam?
All our piano teachers have experience with preparing students for exam and registering them for exams.

Can I request for a Trial lesson? How does it work?
Yes, trial lessons are possible, subject to agreement of the piano teacher. We charge an administrative fee of $15 + pro-rated fee should the student not continue with the teacher.

For example if the fee is $140 per month, ($140/4 + $15), the trial lesson works out to be $50. If you would like to continue with the teacher after the trial lesson, this administrative fee will be waived. (Therefore the fee is only $140 for the month as in the case of this example.)

I want to get a piano teacher now. How do I register?

1. Call us at 9725-5690 or
2. Sms 9725-5690 or
3. Quick Register or
4. Fill up Form