Piano Lessons Fee

Please note that the fees of piano teachers differs. The following serves only an indication for students. There are teachers who charge below the stated rates (around $10 to $20 less) and teachers who charge more (around  $10 to $20 more) than the stated rates. A few factors determine the rates the teachers charge:

  • Full time / Part time piano teachers
  • No of years of experience of piano teachers
  • Qualifications & accreditions of piano teachers
  • Whether you would like lessons at home or at teacher's
  • Teacher's personal fee structure


Piano lesson Rates:

Grade/Level Fees for 4 lessons Duration per lesson
Beginners S$140 45min
Grade 1 S$150 45min
Grade 2 S$160 45min
Grade 3 S$170 45min
Grade 4 S$180 45min
Grade 5 S$200 60min
Grade 6 S$220 60min
Grade 7 S$240 60min
Grade 8 S$260 60min
Diploma ABRSM / ATCL S$300 - $350 60min
Diploma LRSM / FTCL S$300 - $350 60min
Diploma FRSM / LTCL S$350 - $400 60min


The fees quoted above is usually from 45min to 60min lessons x 4. It is They usually includes theory instruction as well until the higher grades where some teachers require students to take theory lessons separately due to time constraints. 

Fees are not determined by YourPianoTeacherSingapore.com. We quote according to piano teacher's rate when we propose the piano teachers to students. We have around 180 teachers who charge a range of fees. Our teachers have varying amount of experience, from new teachers of a couple of years to decades of experience. The qualification of our teachers ranges from ABRSM Grade 8 or equivalent to Masters & Professor level.