Learn Piano SingaporeOur Piano Teachers offer the following courses:

Classical Piano Lessons

Inspired & moved by the popular classical piano pieces like Beethoven's Fur Elise, Minuet in G, Pachelbel's Canon in D? Classical Piano stems from traditional compositions mainly of European descent. The classical piano style is probably the most varied of all the genres. Classical music is richer in history than other styles, and is considered the best ground for learning piano. Classical piano usually requires intense training to master, though there many pieces designed for beginners.

Piano Lessons for Children

Benefits of Piano Lessons for ChildrenMany studies have supported the connection between the brain develoment and music. Learning piano demands coordination among many brain regions, including those that process sight, sound, emotions and memories, Dr Gottfried Schlaug, a neurologist at Harvard University, told Los Angeles Times recently.

It is never too early so long as the attitude of the parents is right. If it is a that of giving your kid the opportunity to be exposed to the fun & learning and for the benefit of the child, not the parent, it should be encouraged.      Piano Lessons for Kids

Most parents would like theit children to have the chance to learn piano so as to enjoy music and cultivate interest. Many parents after a few years, would like their children to take piano exams in Singapore. Having an enthusiastic and creative piano tutor who could coach your child is probably the best way your child could learn piano in Singapore.

There are many benefits of piano lessons for children - Focus, Discipline, Memory, Coordination (Motor skills), outlet for Self Expression & Creativity, Determination & Self Esteem.

This Japanese girl is only 5 years old. She is playing Bach's Minuet. Enjoy!

Piano Lessons for Adults

Want to pick up piano again after learning ages ago? Or have you always wanted to learn piano? It is never too late to learn piano.It does not take youth to learn piano. However, it takes passion and commitment to learn piano and progress. As adults, we learn piano because we want to, (not because our parents want us to), we could say are ahead of the learning curve. However, it takes commitment to make time to practise and commit to the scheduled lessons. Although private piano lessons could offer more flexibility, it takes discipline and commitment not to abuse the flexibility.

Take a minute and a half to enjoy a piece called Greensleeves, a well-known English folk song, widely-believed that it was composed by King Henry VIII. Not without mistakes, but, enjoy!