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32 years of teaching experience. teach ABRSM Classical piano Grades 1 - 8, Pop-Piano Course Elementary - Higher Intermediate Levels and Jazz - Piano too. I teach the Organ and Digital Keyboards too. I handle all age groups whether learning for exams or for leisure. worked for Yahama Music School for 9 years and I have 17 years experience in hotels and clubs as a pop and jazz pianist. | I specialise in teaching classical and pop-piano. I do teach jazz piano too. Taking up a piano course is not all about classical music and piano exams. It is also not only about playing scales and exam pieces. Learning to play the piano is much more than that, there is so much kinds of music out there other than just classical music. For example, there is pop music, ballads, love songs, country songs, folk songs, rock music and so forth. Another misconception is that the instrument is only to be learnt as a young child or as a teenager. Adults can readily pick up this instrument too. Ofcourse a classical piano course is recommended for children or even adults as it teaches good keyboard techniques and instils good discipline in piano playing. I have taught adults from total beginners who are in their 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s! So even if you are not in your 20’s or 30’s, it is never too late to pick up this wonderful instrument. People have a misconception that being an adult, your fingers are stiff and the agility of handling the piano keys are not as good as that of a child. This is not true! Our fingers can be taught piano techniques of various levels of difficulties and trained to adapt to different keyboard styles. Our fingers have the ability to learn exercises and techniques, and the finger joints are flexible and they are able to adapt to playing techniques or styles given time. Or even strengthen to be able to achieve a good touch. Ofcourse there are different levels to master. That depends on the individual and how far the person wants to pursue in terms of level of playing ability and their goals. Teenagers and adults today are not so keen to pick up classical piano which they find boring. They prefer to learn modern music and nice songs which is more appealing and attractive to them. But not to worry, because there is the more interesting course of pop or jazz piano. I do teach the organ too. For the organ in recent years, the instrument somehow lost it’s popularity and appeal. And has been taken over by the digital piano instead. The digital piano by the way is soaring in popularity because it uses synthesized sounds and can duplicate the sounds of actual instruments. It can play rhythms too! And the sounds are so authentic, like a real drummer. One added advantage is the ability to respond to touch like a real piano. There are various piano tones to choose from including grand piano tones, which are so life-like! For the pop and jazz piano course, I teach chords, bass-rhythm, harmony and voice parts. Left-hand accompaniment styling and techniques too. Including improvisations. Infact learning to play the piano is for all age groups. Our fingers and hands can learn to adapt to the piano keys and be trained as the weeks and months roll-by. Practicing is the key to playing well and the path to perfection. Take up a piano course with me and I will teach you the songs or pieces that you like. I promise to bring the joy of music to your life, maybe even bring back some fond memories, trust me. By the way, my oldest student is a grandmother of 73 years. And a total beginner. She is still enjoying her piano lessons and looking forward to learning new songs. Playing a musical instrument is one of the best ways to destress and relax. And it gives you a sense of achievement and self-worth. I am also a pianist and am currently still performing at a restaurant. Hope to hear from you.

Taught for the past 1 and half years. Extremely committed to student's progess. Took up a student who failed grade 2 previously and he managed to attain merit for the Practical exam 2013. Also currently with an adult learner which did not want to take up exams but is now confident enough to do so. Patient and definitely promise to do my best for the student.
Taught music in a Secondary School of levels, Sec1-4 Tutored juniors in clarinet playing for 5 years
I have taught guitar but not piano before. I was the student Instructor of Temasek Junior College's guitar ensemble, I was in charge of arranging the pieces, the teaching of basic music theory, techniques, dynamics control etc. I also played the role as the conductor when the conductor is not present.
No, just passed grade 8
1. Singapore Symphonia Company pianist 2. SMTA 1st performer festival- perfect score(platinum award) 3. Vavace 2008- third 4. Recipient of trinity college of music scholarship 5. Hedy King Robinson Prize for excellence in music theory 6. ABRSM grade 8 theory 7. A level H3 music: distinction 8. exco of TJC chamber ensemble 9. 3 years of experience