Piano Teachers


I have been teaching in music schools and privately for the past 6 years. My students have grown musically and have done well in their ABRSM piano and theory exams.
Teaching since year 2007, I had students of age range 4 to 50. Students who scored full marks in Practical and Theory ABRSM examinations, and students who passed entrance examinations to music schools and conservatories.
Taught for the past 1 and half years. Extremely committed to student's progess. Took up a student who failed grade 2 previously and he managed to attain merit for the Practical exam 2013. Also currently with an adult learner which did not want to take up exams but is now confident enough to do so. Patient and definitely promise to do my best for the student.
I teach basic beginner for kids about 3.5-4 years old.
-Experienced with teaching different age groups ranging from young to adult-Conductor of choirs in schools and public performances-Experienced as a a piano accompanist for choirs and other instruments-Familiar with both ABRSM and Trinity piano syllabuses-