Piano Teachers


1.5 years of teaching experience of which 1 year was spent teaching in a private music school (Piano Forte). Currently teaching a 6 year old boy, beginner level and a 14 year old girl, grade 5. At the music school, my grade 7 student scored merit for the practical exam. She was a transfer student and I groomed her for less than a year for the exam.
I have about 1.5 years of teaching experiences with students from age 4 years old to adults.
2.5 years. Taught in Cristofori previously before deciding to teach full-time on my own. I an passionate about teaching and do NOT just "go through the motion". 90% of my students who co-operate obtain distinction in their ABRSM practical exam & distinction in their theory results. These students' results are avalable for sighting upon request.
7 years, currently full time piano teacher
Part-time teaching from 2004 to 2008 1 Student achieved Distinction in gr 1 piano practical in 2005 1 student achieved Distinction in gr 1 piano practical and gr 2 music theory in 2006 1 student achieved Distinction in gr 5 piano practical in 2007