Piano Teachers


Taught for the past 1 and half years. Extremely committed to student's progess. Took up a student who failed grade 2 previously and he managed to attain merit for the Practical exam 2013. Also currently with an adult learner which did not want to take up exams but is now confident enough to do so. Patient and definitely promise to do my best for the student.
teaching private part time since 2012
12 years of teaching experience
I have been giving private piano lessons for the past 5-6 years. Highest grade taught : Grade 6 Lowest : Beginner Youngest : 5 years Oldest: Mid 40s
taught and helped a few friends who took various abrsm graded exams.
1. Singapore Symphonia Company pianist 2. SMTA 1st performer festival- perfect score(platinum award) 3. Vavace 2008- third 4. Recipient of trinity college of music scholarship 5. Hedy King Robinson Prize for excellence in music theory 6. ABRSM grade 8 theory 7. A level H3 music: distinction 8. exco of TJC chamber ensemble 9. 3 years of experience