Piano Teachers

Ubi (Eunos)

2 years teaching experience in Sydney, Australia
3 years as private music tutor
I have been giving private piano lessons for the past 5-6 years. Highest grade taught : Grade 6 Lowest : Beginner Youngest : 5 years Oldest: Mid 40s
Have been teaching ever since my second year of JC. Currently have 5 years of experience. Student ages range from 4 - 50. Taught both private and in schools. Experienced in teaching grades 6-8 theory and aural. Approachable, friendly teacher who interacts very well with students of all ages and engages them fully during every lesson. Experienced with students of all races, and even with educational handicaps such as autism. Has prepared students for ABRSM practical and theory examinations of all grades. Lessons will be held in a spacious and air-conditioned music room on an upright piano. Advanced students will have some lessons on the grand piano as well.
14 years in 1-1 piano teaching. Group classes for 4 years. 2 years in teaching violin 1-1.